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John Morris is a lifelong resident of Gloucester. Following his graduation from Gloucester High School in 2003, he went on to pursue a degree in Business Management at Endicott College.

While attending his first semester at Endicott, he was confronted with the opportunity to purchase the family business following his father’s retirement, which was his ultimate goal.

In 2004, he made the decision to leave Endicott and purchase Beauport, which was operating as a chair car service. At that time, he had worked part-time for his father as a chair car driver since 2001.

In his first year running the business, John sought ways to expand services, and with creative solutions and perseverance, was able double the size of the company in vehicles and employees, moving from three vehicles to six, and four employees to eight

It was at this time that John decided to pursue his ultimate goal, to re-open Beauport’s ambulance service. While attending North Shore Community College to earn his EMT certification and simultaneously running the chair car business, John applied for a license from the Department of Public Health Offices of Emergency Medical Services to operate an ambulance service, which he obtained in 2005.

Over the next decade, John focused on expanding the company, and through hard work, long hours and many sacrifices, was able to position Beauport as one of the largest private companies on the North Shore.

As of today, John still wears many hats, from working the ambulance on a daily basis, dispatching, pursuing business development and overseeing operations. He is committed to running a company where the employees and the community members it serves are like family. John believes in doing business locally, supporting his community through donations, charitable causes, serving on local boards, and assisting anyone and everyone who needs help.

In his spare time, John enjoys doing yard work, maintaining his antique fire trucks, which his father and grandfather worked on over the years, and rooting for New England sports teams. It is John’s ultimate goal to continue running Beauport Ambulance and to someday have children who will take over the family business.