Beauport Ambulance Service, Inc. was founded in 1984 as a locally owned and operated Ambulance Service in Gloucester by Richard E. Morris, Jr.  It was founded on the principles of customer service, devotion to the community in which it would serve, and compassionate patient care.

Over the years, Beauport grew as a company, becoming the first EMS service to operate an AED and a balloon pump on the North Shore.  

From 1986 to 1990, Beauport served as the only private ambulance service on Cape Ann, and was the primary ambulance provider for the Town of Ipswich as well as the backup service to several local communities.  

In the early 1990s, Beauport’s ambulance division was acquired by Chaulk Ambulance Service. Beauport remained just a chair company operated by Richard Morris from 1992 to 2004 while he served as a full-time firefighter for Gloucester.

In 2004, John R. Morris, at just 19 years old, was in a position to purchase the family business. At the time, Beauport consisted of four employees and three vehicles.  

John made the decision to withdraw from Endicott College and take over the business, as it was his inevitable goal.  Beauport Ambulance Service, under John’s leadership, grew quickly and steadily. In October 2005, Beauport reemerged as an ambulance provider after Morris obtained licensure from the Massachusetts Department Office of Emergency Medical Services.  At this time, the fleet consisted of five chair cars and two ambulances. The ambulance service was run at the BLS level until November 2006 when Beauport grew to incorporate ALS. Beauport then became the primary ALS provider for the Town of Rockport.

Over the next several years, Beauport grew mainly due to it’s customer service, dependability, availability and its fantastic team of employees.  By 2012, Beauport became one of the largest private ambulance companies in the North Shore.

As of 2018, Beauport

  • Operates eight ambulances and 24 chair cars
  • Employs a team of 95
  • Maintains a modern fleet (average age is three years old) and constantly invests in upgrading equipment
  • Operates a 24-hour Emergency Medical Dispatch Center
  • Provides more than 80,000 transports annually
  • Is the primary ALS provider to the Town of Rockport and the Town of Essex; primary ambulance provider for the Town of Hamilton; and primary backup service for the City of Gloucester

Although the growth of Beauport has changed many aspects of our business, we remain true to our building values, compassionate care, customer service and commitment to our customers.