Joao Laranjeira is the General Manager at Beauport Ambulance Service who works with the local communities to provide pre-hospital care. He believes that EMS provides him with an opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life every day while practicing a unique craft in an honorable manner.

    Joao’s EMS career began in 1999 following a phone conversation with a paramedic friend. After achieving his certification, he worked as an EMT with American Medical Response in Lynn. He was quickly promoted to Field Training Officer and Station Supervisor.

    In 2006, Beauport Ambulance Service hired Joao as an EMT field provider, where he administered first aid treatment and life support care to sick or injured persons in pre-hospital settings. Due to organizational expansion and professional development, Joao was promoted to General Manager shortly thereafter.

    He enjoys working in the EMS field because it gives him the opportunity to respond to complex situations, and he genuinely cares about providing exceptional patient care. He also has the opportunity to meet wonderful people, from employees to patients and EMS organizational leaders.

    Joao is a graduate of Lawrence High School and Northern Essex Community College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in general studies. On his days off, Joao likes to spend time with family and friends far away from sirens and emergency lights. He also enjoys travelling home to Terceira in the Azores, where he lived until he was 12.