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Beauport Ambulance is the only emergency health services company on Cape Ann to carry this equipment.
most advanced EMS defibrillator The Zoll® E Series 12 Lead ECG, equipped with the ETCO2 was designed to be rugged and reliable and to provide detailed and accurate information and help to Emergency Services staff.   ez io drill for emergency iv   The EZ-IO® system was created to assist the medical staff to get vascular access quickly, providing intravenous therapy to patients in critical situations.
The Zoll® AED Plus, the smart Automated External Defibrillator doing more than shock. It guides users applying CPR, as to correct depth and frequency of chest compressions.   CPAP continuous positive air pressure   The porto2vent cpap is a continuous positive airway pressure oxygen delivery system. It can be used to assist breathing for sufferers of congestive heart failure and breathing problems.
navtrack equipped ambulances allow Beauport Ambulance to direct drivers to the fastest route to saving lives
Navtrack GPS systems provide Beauport dispatchers with accurate, real-time information about the location and activity of our fleet of fleet of ambulances and chairvans, to ensure timely pick up and safe driving.
parapac continuous The Pneupac® paraPAC is a ventilator that allows for greater control of breathing parameters. It features separate controls for tidal volume and frequency.
The ZOLL® AutoPulse® is a giant leap forward in technology for non invasive cardiac support pumps. It allows more complete chest compressions than traditional CPR.  
panasonic toughbooks give beauport a life saving edge
  Panasonic Fully-Rugged Laptop Convertible Tablets provide Beauport staff with state of the art MIL-STD-810G certified tablet PCs, representing a combination of flexibility and proven durability. They are 6-foot drop & IP65 certified.